NFL Rumors – Darrelle Revis Will Leave New York Jets to Tampa Bay Buccaneers For More Than a First Round Pick

Darrelle Revis Jets

The New York Jets want to get rid of Darrelle Revis, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want him and to pay him the kind of money he thinks he deserves. Despite the Jets not having any kind of leverage in their situation with the cornerback, they’re not backing down from their demands of getting quite a lot from the Bucs, including their 2013 draft first round pick.

The Bucs have made a few offers for Revis, most of them involving lower picks or future first and second rounds picks in 2014. Still, the Jets, who know Revis will probably hold out on the start of the season if they don’t trade him anytime soon (although he’ll have to show up to the voluntary workouts if he wants his $3 million signing bonus), are quite aggressive in their pursuit of a trade package that has to include Tampa’s 13th pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Revis might play along with the Jets’ tactics, but that won’t give them the kind of player they want from him. Worst case scenario for the Jets is Revis staying with the team, not giving them the kind of ability they know he can, and leave after 2013 season for third-round conditional pick in 2014. Some are saying the Bucs are offering three draft picks – a first-, third- and sixth-round pick for Revis, as well as dole out the money required within a new deal ($15 to 16 million per year on a multi-year pact), but the Jets are adamant they get the 2013 first round pick, and not the one from 2014.

The Bucs have a loosely, self-imposed deadline of about a week before the draft to complete a trade for Revis because of his recovery situation, making it impossible to make the trade on the clock, because they would require him to be examined by multiple team doctors. It seems that if the Jets continue to move in this kind of negotiation tactic, they might lose the only trading partner willing to take Revis off their hands.

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