NFL Rumors – Denver Broncos & New York Jets Interested in Chris Ivory

Chris Ivory Saints

As always, the need for a running back for the Denver Broncos is causing dilemmas between the emptying free agent market and possibly trying to sign Chris Ivory from the New Orleans Saints or going for a younger option in the NFL Draft, although they’re quite perplexed about what to do in the first round.

Ivory is a restricted free agent, which means that signing him with an un-matched offer sheet will also mean the Broncos will have to give up on a second round draft pick. Just like the New York Jets, who are also into Ivory, waiting for certain developments to occur, giving up a second round draft pick for questionable production from an OK at-best running back.

Ivory, 25, has spent the last three seasons with the Saints, rushing for a total of 1317 yards. More than half of that production came during his rookie season, when he was the second choice on the running back pool the Saints love to use. Since then, injuries, despite his pretty impressive yards-per-carry numbers (5.4 last season), have made him fall down the depth chart and get less and less opportunities behind Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles.

Despite the interest in him, the only thing that might work well for the Saints who are looking to offload one of their tailbacks is signing Ivory to a tender, which will give them a chance to trade him for a more affordable pick, giving the Jets and the Broncos more incentive to try a get him without giving up too much.