NFL Rumors – Detroit Lions Interested in Drafting William Gholston

William Gholston

After enduring quite a lot of problems when it comes to their pass-rushing defense, the Detroit Lions were sure to address the situation this off-season. After losing Cliff Avril and releasing Kyle Vanden Bosch, the team is even in more of a need to get themselves a productive defensive end, possibly finding that answer in William Gholston, coming out of Michigan State.

Gholston isn’t the kind of player who’s getting amazing reviews before the draft. He’s likely to be a third or fourth round pick, despite his upside. During his college days with the Spartans he recorded 10 sacks (three seasons), and while he can be explosive, as even he likes to describe his on-field persona, there is his worrying tendency to disappear for long stretches during games.

Gholston is the type of player Lions DC Gunther Cunningham usually loves to have play under him – someone with an edge, and the ability to make the most of that attitude on the field. As a first rounder, Gholston is too much of a risk because of his inconsistency in getting around the offensive line towards the quarterback.

As a third-fourth rounder, unless his draft stock magically rises in the next few days, Gholston might be a perfect fit to be a future standout for the Lions at defensive end, although they might be looking for a more immediate impact as well in the earlier rounds.

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