NFL Rumors – Detroit Lions Out of the Charles Woodson Race

While some people thought that having Charles Woodson play in the state of Michigan (where he attended college) once again sounded like a good idea. But the Detroit Lions have a pretty talented bunch of defensive backs, and haven’t been mentioned along with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers and New York Giants who have shown a real interest in him, and for good reason.

Woodson is willing to lower his demands, but as Dwight Freeney showed everyone this week, there’s a good reason to remain patient when you trust in your talents and your value. Woodson knows he needs to set his standards a tad lower, with a contender not necessarily being his next team, but the Lions are going to have to pay some good money for him, not something they’re willing to do, which Woodson probably knows.

Charles Woodson vs Lions

Here’s the thing about the Lions. The Lions have players. They just haven’t been able to put it together. Would I be open to playing for them? No question. But the dollars have to make sense, too.

That means Woodson would rather not land in Detroit, a team that has made the playoffs only once in over a decade, and doesn’t seem to be bound for great success in the next couple of seasons, which is probably the window of Woodson’s remaining time in the NFL.

Both at Safety (Louis Delmas & Glover Quin) they seem to be set, and the same goes for the cornerback positions, with Chris Houston, Bill Bentley and second-round pick Darius Slay. The Lions don’t have the money to pay Woodson his full-rate, while the All-Pro player has no intention of giving Detroit some sort of discount. It probably means one less destination available for the 36 year-old.