NFL Rumors – Eli Manning Contract Key to Keeping Victor Cruz With New York Giants

Being a restricted free agent in the NFL usually means a few weeks of nothing happening during the off-season before eventually signing with your old team. Still, the Victor Cruz contract negotiations have been going on for quite a while, the New York Giants and their star receiver aren’t really closer to getting a deal done. Eli Manning is hoping things get worked out, and is willing to restructure his contract in order to keep him.

Cruz, who has been with the Giants since 2010, broke out into national prominence with a fantastic 2011 season, catching 82 passes for 1536 yards and 9 touchdowns. Things did slow down for  him a bit last season, as corners learned that being physical with him early gets him off balance. Cruz finished with 86 catches for 1092 yards and 10 touchdowns, with the Giants missing the playoffs.

Earlier this off-season it seemed like a question between Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz for the Giants, but no offer was made for Cruz by any team, not pressuring them into trying to match an offer sheet.

Manning, who won a Super Bowl with Cruz after the 2011 season, is willing to make some financial changes to his contract in order to help the Giants be more competitive, while also keeping Cruz on the team. The two also share the same agent, but according to the Star-Ledger, Manning has no idea what’s going on in the negotiations between Cruz and the team.

He is anxious; I know he has been dealing with this contract issue for a long time, last year and end of this … I know he wants it just settled and wants to get back to playing football and just worrying about that. That is kind of up to the Giants and what they want to do. I am always up for listening and doing whatever is best for the team to put us in a chance to win more championships.

Manning is signed for the next three seasons, with his 2013 cap hit being just under $21 million, something the Giants need to seriously consider changing.