NFL Rumors – Fred Davis Between New York Jets & Washington Redskins

It’s been a busy free agency period for Fred Davis, the top tight end still on the market, who is contemplating sticking with his old team, the Washington Redskins, while checking out his value on the market, as the New York Jets join the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills as teams trying to sign him.

Davis is a little bit disappointed, as were a lot of players who went out to test the waters in the last few weeks, from not getting the kind of offers they thought they would. The Browns’ visit took place over a week ago, and when such a long time has passed, it means both sides aren’t that interested in finding common ground. Same thing goes for the Bills offer, given to him shortly after his visit to the Browns.

Now, the Jets, who have $13 million available to spend on players and lost Dustin Keller to the Miami Dolphins in free agency, and seem like a team that won’t be going very far this season in hope of getting younger, looking ahead to 2014, are in the mix for Davis, who caught 24 passes for 325 yards in 7 games last season, and if not for his injuries and suspensions over the last couple of years, would have probably reached the 1000 yards mark.

If the Jets don’t offer Davis something he’s going to like, and it might also have to do with the general situation of the organization and not just their financial offer, it’s looking more and more likely that Davis, like other players in this free agency period, will decide that five more years with their former team isn’t enough, and will sign on for a few more, staying with the Redskins.

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