NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Interested in Signing Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor

Interested might be a strong word, but the New England Patriots have been working out Terrelle Pryor, which might end up as the first move towards the team signing him.

Pryor was with the Cleveland Browns in the preseason but was released before it began, hardly playing for them due to a hamstring injury and eventually not getting his chance to show his skills as a wide receiver, his new position once realizing no one is going to play him at quarterback.

An interesting tidbit from Jason Cole suggests that Charlie Weis, who used to work under Bill Belichick quite successfully before moving on to college football and failing miserably with two programs that are still paying him a lot of money, regarded Pryor as a great wide receiver prospect a long time ago.

Pryor went on to play quarterback for Ohio State, leave the Buckeyes early once the hammer was dropped on the program and then wait for his chance with the Oakland Raiders. He was a starter for a short time, but despite his very impressive running abilities, injuries and not being able to throw the ball well enough cost him his place on the field and the team. He hasn’t played in the regular season since 2013.

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