NFL Rumors: Texans, Brandon Weeden, Tom Savage & Backup Quarterback Competition

Brandon Weeden, Tom Savage

Deserving or not, Brock Osweiler is the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans next season. Backing him up and fighting for the #2 spot on the depth chart? Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage.

So who is in the lead, according to head coach Bill O’Brien? Probably Savage, just because he’s been on the team for a longer time, entering his third NFL season. He was selected 135th overall in the 2014 draft (4th round), and has since played in just two games, never starting one.

Weeden is more experienced, being in the NFL since 2012, starting 25 games, including one for the Texans last season, helping them make the playoffs with two appearances.Weeden was angry he didn’t get to start in the playoffs, watching Brian Hoyer get destroyed by the Kansas City Chiefs. But he signed a two-year deal with the Texans, including 0.5 million in guaranteed money.

Shouldn’t he be the number 2? Well, according to O’Brien, Weeden hasn’t been enough time in their system, but has been improving. How does that work with Osweiler, who has 0 time with the team so far after joining from the Denver Broncos? Well, when you’re paying someone $18 million a season, you’re not going to leave him behind.

The Texans have won both their games in the preseason, beating the San Francisco 49ers 24-13 and the New Orleans Saints 16-9. Who has been outplaying who?

Savage has completed 21-of-36 passes for 243 yards and two touchdowns, good enough for a 85.8 passer rating. Weeden is 4-for-5, throwing for 54 yards. That’s miniscule, and good enough for a 95.1 passer rating, but the sample size is tiny.

Unless Weeden outplays Savage in the next two games, he’ll begin the season as the number 3 quarterback on the list. Maybe how badly he did for the Dallas Cowboys when they had to rely on him after Tony Romo went down with an injury helped O’Brien make up his mind about him.