NFL Rumors – Indianapolis Colts After Paul Kruger & Louis Vasquez

Two of the most coveted players in the NFL’s 2013 free agency market might end up playing, eventually, for the same team. Paul Kruger from the Baltimore Ravens and Louis Vasquez of the San Diego Chargers are both courted by the Indianapolis Colts, who also happen to be able to afford both of them.

There are quite a few expensive positions the Colts need to fill in order to take the step from playoff team to Super Bowl challenger, which seems to be happening pretty quickly from the moment they drafted Andrew Luck. The 11-5 season was much better than anyone expected, and without losing any key pieces while having the financial situation to bring over one or two free agents who can make an immediate impact, it seems that 2013 might be they year of the Colts retaking the AFC South.

One of their top priorities is Paul Kruger, and although he’s not the only one heading into free agency, he’s probably the best one, or at least coming off the best season, including a Super Bowl title and four sacks in the playoffs. The 3-4 defense the Colts are shifting to makes a lot of sense for Kruger to fit in, and so does his desire to make around $40 million from his next contract. You need to be weary of the guy producing his best numbers on his contract season, but Kruger, at 27 years of age, is probably worth the risk.

The most coveted guard of the off-season has to be Louis Vasquez of the San Diego Chargers, the only working part they had last season in a dysfunctional offensive line. Vasquez seems to be leaning towards bolting from Southern California, and at 25, after his first 16-game season for the Chargers, seems primed to be a guard you’d like to sign to sure up the interior of the offensive line, something the Colts need to address as well, for many years, regardless of the money he’ll be commanding.

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