NFL Rumors – Indianapolis Colts Interested in Signing Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson

It didn’t take long since Andre Johnson announced he wants to be cut or traded by the Houston Texans for teams to come knocking, with rumors suggesting that the Indianapolis Colts, a divisional rival, are trying to get in on the opportunity to sign the veteran wide receiver.

Despite still being on contract through the 2016 season which pays him a total of $21.5 million in base salary, Johnson wants out. According to his agent, it’s about playing for a Super Bowl contender, which the Colts are closer to being than the Texans.

Johnson is no longer the number one wide receiver for the Texans, pushing DeAndre Hopkins to the top of the pecking order. In truth, it doesn’t really matter right now because the team doesn’t have a good enough quarterback to take them very far.

The Colts? They have Andrew Luck at quarterback, an expanding passing game plan and quite a lot of talented receivers which might make it a lot easier for Johnson, who was the only show in town for a lot of years with the Texans.

A trade for Johnson doesn’t sound all that likely, although the Colts have plenty of cap space. He takes a big chunk of it (money he’s not worth anymore, not outside Houston) and the Colts paid dearly for their big gamble on Trent Richardson, who might not be even playing in the NFL next season by the way things are going for him.

The Texans might end up cutting Johnson although it’ll save them just $8.8 million for next season ($7.3 million in dead money out of the $16.1 million cap hit). They’d rather find a team out of the division and possibly out of the conference to take him, if they actually manage to find someone like that. Releasing him combined with Johnson looking for less money in exchange for the opportunity to play for a contender will get him a lot of offers.

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