NFL Rumors – Indianapolis Colts Planning on Coby Fleener Breaking Out This Season

Coby Fleener

The tandem of Andrew Luck and Coby Fleener had some pretty impressive moments at Stanford during their college days, and the two are entering their second season as teammates for the Indianapolis Colts. After a forgettable rookie year for the tight end, the Colts believe he’s heading towards a breakout season in 2013.

Fleener caught 26 passes for 281 yards, most of that production coming during his first seven games. A four-game injury in the middle of the season meant he became a far less important member of the team’s offensive game near the end, catching only one pass per game after coming back from his injury.

Yet the Colts are planning on making some changes next season, one of them using the two-tight end set a lot more than before. Dwayne Allen, who’ll also feature in these sets, is a much better blocker than Fleener, while the 24-year old is a much bigger vertical threat, meaning a lot more looks and targets for Fleener, who has looked very impressive so far for the Colts in workout and practice.

According to Pep Hamilton, the offensive coordinator  who also worked with Fleener in Stanford, something big is coming from him.

Probably having the most productive camp, including his time at Stanford, that I’ve seen. In the time that I’ve been around Coby, he’s a lot more explosive and confident right now and he’s making plays that big-time NFL players tend to make. He’s 6’6, 50 pounds and he runs as fast as wide receivers so it’s probably a good chance that he’ll have an opportunity to run past a few safeties.

While Andrew Luck brought the Colts back to the playoffs, he didn’t have the efficient year fellow rookies Russell Wilson or Robert Griffin III had as a passer. This year is more about giving him options and passing targets, with Fleener hopefully emerging as an every-down kind of threat at tight end.

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