NFL Rumors – Jacksonville Jaguars Going With Blaine Gabbert As Their Starting Quarterback

Chad Henne, Blaine Gabbert

The popular choice to finish at the bottom of the NFL for a second straight season, some think that the “open competition” for the starting quarterback spot on the Jacksonville Jaguars lineup is nothing but a charade, and Chad Henne has no chance of beating Blaine Gabbert to the position.

There was nothing good about anything the Jags put on the field last season. Gabbert stated in 10 games, winning only one, but did show a slight improvement from his rookie season in completion percentage (up by 8%) and passer rating (up by 12 points). He did throw only nine touchdowns, but the lack of a decent passing game certainly did hurt.

Henne? He didn’t do much better. He won one game in six starts, completing 53.9% of his passes, throwing just as much interceptions as touchdowns. He might be a lot more confident than Gabbert when it comes to throwing the ball, but he isn’t much better in making decision.

And it’s not even about the question who is the better quarterback right now. Maybe Henne, with a bit more experience than Gabbert, comes ahead in that race, but it’s about who the Jaguars see playing beyond this season. While Gabbert doesn’t strike a lot of confidence in anyone involved with the organization, being picked by a general manager who is no longer with the team, he’s certainly looking like a better prospect than Henne, whose future in the NFL is that of a sought-after backup.

Projections for next season? Anything more than the two wins the Jags had last season will be a blessing. It looks like the team is in the middle of a rebuilding process that’s going to take some time. Improving the offensive line through the draft was a big necessity, but it’s going to take a lot more, including some new players at the skill-positions, in order for them to become a respected team in the AFC South again, and probably a whole new set of quarterbacks not too long from now.

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