NFL Rumors – Jacksonville Jaguars & Oakland Raiders Interested in Mike Jenkins

After starting off his career with the Dallas Cowboys the right way, the team chose to diminish his role as one of the team’s cornerbacks, leading him to free agency this season, and a lot of interest from both the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

At the moment, it seems Jenkins is more interested in playing for the Jags in general, despite the weird way of running things there by an owner who most assume wants to take the team to that famous untapped market of Los Angeles. A five year veteran and one time pro-bowler in 2009, Jenkins became a slightly used corner last season after the Cowboys picked Morris Claiborne with their number one pick and added Brandon Carr through free agency.

While Jenkins, a former first-rounder, is looking for a long term deal with at least three years on the contract, it seems the Jags, who are meeting with him over the weekend, aren’t that willing to give a player starving for some playing time more than two years, preferably one, on their offer. This might lead Jenkins to leave Florida without a signed deal, and head over to Oakland, hoping that the Raiders are a bit more serious with their intentions.

While Jenkins doesn’t do anything specifically well, waiting this long in free agency sometimes lands teams with surprisingly capable and talented players. He’s not an all-pro, shutdown type corner, but he’s probably one of the top two, three players at the position remaining on the board. For both the Raiders and the Jags, improving cornerback was one of the musts when the season began. The problem for Oakland is cap space, but letting go of Palmer might take care of that. The Jags have plenty to use, but not enough good players to use it on.