NFL Rumors – Jacksonville Jaguars Will Start Denard Robinson at Wide Receiver

Denard Robinson

There’s not a lot of depth for the Jacksonville Jaguars behind Jutin Blackmon at wide receiver, and now with him being suspended for the first four weeks of the 2013 NFL Season, the chances to see more of Denard Robinson, their fifth round draft pick, playing into his new converted role as a wide receiver, are growing by the second.

Because behind Blackmon, who caught 64 catches for 865 yards and 5 touchdowns on a terrible passing team, there isn’t much to be proud of. Cecil Shorts was just short of 1000 yards last season, but the Jags are pretty empty behind the two, not to mention the blatant lack of confidence in the throwing ability of Blaine Gabbert.

So who gets to start instead of Blackmon through the first month of the season? At the moment it looks like free agent signing Mohammed Mosasaqoui, catching 17 passes for 254 yards last season, might be it. The Jags went with defense and an offensive tackle through their first three rounds, addressing the skills positions later.

The fourth round pick was Ace Sanders, a small, 5’7 slot-receiver coming out of South Carolina. According to the new developments, he’ll probably be getting more looks and targeted throws coming his ways earlier than expected.

And then there’s Denard Robinson, who spent most of his career at Michigan as a record breaking quarterback, but late during last season he began playing more and more as a running back, pretty much giving up on his chances to play shot caller in the NFL.

It’s still early to say what position he’ll play; he doesn’t know, and the Jags aren’t sure if he’ll be more useful as a wide receiver or a running back, which seems to be the situation during the early years for Reggie Bush with the Saints. What is quite certain, that Robinson will be getting a lot more opportunities to catch the ball early on due to the change in circumstance.

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