NFL Rumors – Kansas City Chiefs Closer to Drafting Luke Joeckel

Luke Joeckel

The Kansas City Chiefs can play coy about their number one draft pick in 2013, but it seems clearer and clearer that it’ll be Luke Joeckel, the left tackle coming out of Texas A&M, while Branden Albert has been getting closer and closer to finding common grounds with the Miami Dolphins about a contract, leading up to a trade between the teams eventually.

So far, the Chiefs are keeping their cards close to the chest, but after already bringing over a quarterback and other parts to make themselves look a lot more respectable next season, it’s hard to believe that the recent developments with Albert – not seeking to sign him to a long term deal, rather franchising him and opting to trade him or shift him to the right tackle position, are all pointing towards the conclusion that Joeckel will be the number one pick and the starting left tackle next season for the Chiefs.

But according to John Dorsey, the team is looking at four candidates for that numero uno selection, and will make up their minds two days before the draft. With three days left, it means that tomorrow the decision will be made, hoping that the Albert deal with the Dolphins will be completed by then, possibly giving them more options to choose from the draft. The Dolphins are believed to be sending a second round pick for Albert, having two to use.

Joeckel looks like one of those sure things coming out of college – a player who was a bit part of why Johnny Manziel was so good last season, becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy. The Chiefs are willing to give up on their best offensive lineman to make room for him, reminding us of the Colts who gave up on Peyton Manning so their number one pick, Andrew Luck, won’t have any interruptions. In that deal, it seemed everyone was a winner. Maybe in the Chiefs-Albert-Joeckel-Dolphins case it’ll end up being the same.

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