NFL Rumors – Kansas City Chiefs Getting Closer to Geno Smith

Despite already making one trade for a potential starting quarterback this off-season, the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t done trying to find the right man for the position, considering using their number one draft pick on Geno Smith, who is coming to pay the team a visit and maybe secure his spot in the upcoming NFL draft.

While Alex Smith, brought over via trade from the San Francisco 49ers, seems like the favorite to be the starter next season because of his resume and the salary he’s getting (no use in having such an expensive backup), the Chiefs aren’t closing any doors – not on the near or far future, with Geno Smith, coming out of West Virginia, skyrocketing up the mock draft charts since the college football season ended.

It’s been an up & down ride for Smith, who seemed at some point like the best quarterback in the nation while West Virginia were off to a 5-0 start in the 2012 season, but then fell off the radar a bit as the Moutaineers defense became the laughing stock of the Big 12. And yet, set apart from his team’s problems, in personal workouts and the pro day, Smith is looking like a guy ready to succeed in the NFL.

The Eagles have already worked him, sounding quite impressed with the player. The Buffalo Bills had a private workout for him as well. In the WVU pro day, Smith completed 60 of 64 passes, with most of the NFL in attendance. The Chiefs might already have a quarterback they can feel confident enough, but they hold the key to how the NFL draft unfolds.

While it seemed unlikely that a quarterback would go so early, the impression Smith is leaving on anyone who’s seen him over the last couple of months means there’s a chance he can still go to Kansas City, as the number one draft pick of 2013.

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