NFL Rumors – Kansas City Chiefs Want to Draft Geno Smith

No one thought that a quarterback is going to be a high pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, but Geno Smith has his stock rising high, especially with the Kansas City Chiefs, who have the first pick in a month or so. While they have already handled their quarterback situation via trade, they are very interested in adding Smith to the mix; just unsure about doing it with the number one overall pick.

When you hear NFL scouts talk about Smith and how he has aced his evaluation process, you think that a superstar is headed into the league. He’s being compared to a young Donovan McNabb – An excellent accuracy and ability to move around the pocket. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who’ll break out consistently for 15-20 yard runs, but he’ll be able to avoid getting hit and make the right kind of adjustments in a small work space, while looking very impressive in his ability to find open men under pressure.

Needless to remind you – the Chiefs added Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers, and there’s no way Smith, Alex, is planning to sit on the bench after leaving the 49ers for the exact same reason. The argument about Geno Smith at the moment isn’t whether he’s a pro-quarterback type of player; almost anyone who has worked him out, including the Philadelphia Eagles, was very impressed with his accuracy,¬†ball placement and good pocket maneuverability.

The question is if he’s ready to start right away, and that is something that no one can really tell until he starts playing. While the Chiefs do consider him a quarterback for the future, under the current circumstances, it’s unlikely that even if they shock everyone by selecting Geno Smith with their number one pick, he’ll be the team’s starting quarterback on opening day next season.

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