NFL Rumors – Lions, Panthers, Bears, Texans, Titans, Dolphins, Cardinals, Buccaneers, Cowboys & Falcons Interested in Drafting Germain Ifedi

Germain Ifedi

Some players have half the league looking at them because they’re unsure what they’re going to get. With Germain Ifedi, the offensive lineman coming out of Texas A&M, it’s about whether or not there’s more than meets the eye, and just how versatile can he be. Count the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons as intrigued.

So what’s the order right now?

  • Lions, Panthers, Bears and Texans are going to meet with Ifedi soon
  • Titans and Dolphins have already met with him
  • Cardinals, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Panthers, Texans and Falcons have a workout scheduled with Ifedi

So what’s the big deal? Well, Ifedi, in size, seems like he’s perfect for either the guard or the tackle positions in the NFL. He finished with a second-team All-SEC honor last season, playing right tackle for Texas A&M. Many thought he’d be moved to left tackle following the drafting of¬†Cedric Ogbuehi (who got picked 21st despite a torn ligament), but he stayed at right tackle, and produced his best season. He did very well during his freshman season too, playing as right guard, before being moved to tackle next season.

He’s 6’6, 324 lbs with a 36 inch reach. He can play both inside and outside, is very strong and reacts quite well to blitzes and trick plays by pass rushers. Why isn’t he projected to be a higher pick than a late-first, early-second round pick? Well, like a lot of players his size, tends to rely too much on his strength and lean on players instead of using his leg drive to secure blocks and push pass rushers away. He has an issue with patience and discipline, which can be a problem in pass protection.

Overall, Ifedi looks like a very good NFL prospect, who should get taken in the first round or very early on in the second. Half the league, more or less, are looking into him, trying to figure out in what positions can he be used and will he be able to start right away, or is there work to be done for about a season or even less than that. Our guess? He can be a guard right away, but for teams looking for a starting tackle for many years, Ifedi does need a little bit of work, but that development process could pay off big time.

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