NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Considering Trading for Percy Harvin

After having yet another season with one of the worst passing offenses in the NFL, the Miami Dolphins are expected to be big contenders for Wide Receivers in the upcoming free agency period, but the news of Percy Harvin becoming available for trade should be enough to make them at least consider making a move for the Minnesota Vikings receiver.

When the news and rumors about Harvin’s discontent with his current employers came out, the Dolphins immediately became a team considered to be in contention for the problematic Harvin, who some might suggest isn’t the right fit for an organization that usually keeps away from such players. Still, Harvin’s Florida connections and having a home in Miami is good enough to start connecting the dots to a franchise in dire need for a play maker of any kind to help out Ryan Tannehill.

According to the Miami Herald, while the Dolphins might be considering the trade at the moment, waiting for the moment Harvin becomes officially available, looking at the recent history of the decision making at the franchise, mostly regarding free agents and trade options, there’s a good chance their going to take their time with this one. Maybe too much time. The Dolphins do have some extra draft picks to go on if they want to try and build through the draft, or use as a bargaining chip for a trade in the case of Harvin.

Again, Harvin isn’t the only talented receiver who might become available. Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers might also become available  and it’s known that the Dolphins, among other teams, are very interested in his talents. Who knows, maybe Wes Welker actually leaves the Patriots and would like to return to his original NFL franchise.

In Harvin’s case, there’s a good chance this will fall on personality – Joe Philbin wouldn’t be too crazy about a guy who’s caused considerable problems with two head coaches in Minnesota already. Despite Harvin’s talent, his injury from last season plus the potential trouble-making factor might cause the Dolphins to pass on the former Florida receiver.

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