NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins, Detroits Lions & Atlanta Falcons Waiting for Osi Umenyiora

It seems the market is flooded with aging pass rushers, but it doesn’t change the fact that teams are very interested in Osi Umenyiora, who has come down to choose between three teams, after it’s been made clear he won’t be returning to the New York Giants: The Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions.

It’s not just a matter of money and longevity of the contract, although it does add up to that. Being on a contender, and being promised the chance to play as much as possible, which didn’t really happen on his final season with the Giants (6 sacks, 42 tackles), is also on his list of demands.

The Lions can promise Osi the most playing time of all three teams, but they’re the most limited when it comes to the money they can offer, and their putting a lot of hopes on too few a player, knowing that it’s pretty much up to Stafford and Johnson to keep this offense, and their season in the very tough NFC North, going.

The Dolphins offer the most money despite all the signings they’ve made so far, giving them the lead in the AFC East among those trying to depose of the never ending rule the New England Patriots have got going on.

The Atlanta Falcons have been in the lead for quite some time, but look to be making a strong push, according to ESPN Insider, hoping to settle the business of a pass rusher instead of John Abraham (released) once and for all, hoping that their Super Bowl chances and Umenyiora’s home in Atlanta will help soften the deal, leaving them free to handle their cornerback situation and stopping Brent Grimes from leaving.