NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Still Looking for a Left Tackle

Tyson Clabo

The Miami Dolphins have been the most impressive of the NFL teams with their free agent signing in 2013, but after their draft picks, which included only one offensive lineman from their nine picks, they’re still short of a starter at the left tackle position, with Branden Albert, Bryant McKinnie, Tyson Clabo and Eric Winston making up the shortlist of candidates at the position.

Albert should have been a Dolphin by now according to all the rumors regarding his upcoming trade from the Kansas City Chiefs, but those trades were about the draft, and with it come and gone, there’s a good chance we won’t be hearing about that again, although Albert isn’t exactly pleased with the current situation.

There’s a chance that the Dolphins are interested in him more than anything else, and are using the following names just in order to gain some leverage in their negotiations with the Chiefs. Even if that’s true, they’re still keeping up the visits coming.

Bryant McKinnie of the Baltimore Ravens has been closer to the San Diego Chargers over the last few weeks, but that isn’t stopping him from visiting the Dolphins, hoping to regain a starting position in the league after being relegated to substitute duty last season.

Eric Winston has been on everyone’s radar for quite some time, most notably the Dallas Cowboys, but it seems the former Chiefs & Texans player, who has played most of his career as a right tackle, is asking for too much money for anyone to be interested in the 29 year old.

Tyson Clabo is another right tackle who’ll probably be shifted if he is signed, but both him and Winston are down the pecking order for the Dolphins, and will be called upon only if their negotiations with Albert collapse completely, and McKinnie signs with the Chargers before Miami get their hands on him.