NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Still Want to Sign John Abraham

John Abraham Sack

One of the needs the Miami Dolphins still haven’t addressed is finding a pass-rusher to play off Cameron Wake, and while John Abraham has been somewhat of an option, the team has yet to inform him they’re really interested, but also haven’t ruled out signing him altogether as well.

Abraham, 34, is coming off a season in which he recorded 10 sacks for the Atlanta Falcons, completing seven seasons with the team as he heads to what is probably his final NFL contract. Abraham, despite probably not being an every-down kind of defensive end anymore, isn’t really dropping his demands, which has kept him off the market for quite some time.

The Dolphins aren’t the only team interested, but like others, haven’t really progressed with their negotiations, thinking that looking for an answer in the draft might be more wise. The Dolphins are expected to pick a cornerback or an offensive tackle with their first round pick, but there are plenty of good pass-rushers with lower picks as well, and the Dolphins are expected to address that need in the second or third round.

That doesn’t mean Abraham is off the table, with the Dolphins probably not completely entrusting the role of sacking the quarterback in the hands of a rookie who isn’t a first round pick. If they don’t choose a linebacker or defensive end at all, Abraham’s position and chance of playing for them next season becomes a lot better all of a sudden.

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