NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Trying to Keep Matt Moore

It’s no secret that the Miami Dolphins would like to keep Matt Moore as a backup to Ryan Tannehill for next season, being one of those few backup quarterbacks that can step in for a few weeks and keep things running relatively smoothly. The problem? Moore wants to see more playing time.

Moore knows that the chances of him getting a team to run as the undisputed starting quarterback are pretty much non-existent. Despite Good numbers through 13 games in the 2011 season (60.5%, 2497 yards, 16 touchdowns, 9 interceptions), the Dolphins didn’t see him leading the future of the franchise – just a trustworthy second-string QB.

Moore would like to be in a different situation. He doesn’t mind going to a place he knows he’ll have to fight for a chance to play, but there are other demands in mind for Moore, who might manage to get a 2-3 year contract worth up to $5 million a season. Moore would like to be on a team with a shaky starting quarterback situation, but also is thinking about being closer to his Southern California home, and generally play in a place with relatively warm weather.

So while the New York Jets might be very interested to find a replacement or competition for Mark Sanchez; while the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns might be very interested in bringing in Moore, one of the three (along with Alex Smith and Matt Flynn) NFL quarterbacks teams are willing to look at in the offseason, Moore probably doesn’t see himself living in a cold-weather environment  That might rule out the Vikings, not too certain about Ponder – they do play in a dome, but it’s not only a stadium issue.

The Arizona Cardinals might be a perfect fit, but it seems that Bruce Arians wants to bring Drew Stanton, a player he coached with the Indianapolis Colts (although only in practice), which leaves Moore with one option he might like – staying with the Dolphins. The team would love to have him back, but as insurance policy, in case Tannehill gets injured, or suddenly starts playing like the world’s worst QB.

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