NFL Rumors – Minnesota Vikings Looking to Trade Percy Harvin

Despite the most talented receiver on a team with a lot of problems in its passing game, Percy Harvin might not in the plans of the Minnesota Vikings for next season. While looking for ways to help Christian Ponder, they might be getting rid of his most dangerous target.

Harvin has always (in his short career) had friction with the Vikings’ organization and head coaches, including Leslie Frazier. Having missed 7 games last season, leading to him recording the lowest numbers of his career, including a career low 10.1 yards per catch.

It’s not that Harvin isn’t productive, but as he hits the final season of his rookie contract (will be his fifth NFL year), the thoughts of giving Harvin a lucrative long term deal while questions regarding his durability and more importantly, his behavior and attitude towards members of the organization, don’t sound that promising anymore.

On the outside, the Vikings have remained quiet regarding Harvin’s future, simply commenting on his peaceful behavior recently, while Harvin himself hasn’t taken an interview in over three months. On the outside, all seems calm. On the inside? The Vikings aren’t sure they want to keep the two headed monster of him and Adrian Peterson together, while it’s not too sure that Harvin wants to stay with the team as well.

So where can he go? The Vikings won’t be getting a play-maker of his level through a trade; maybe, with a little bit of luck, through the draft. They are gunning for Greg Jennings in general to improve their receiving corps. The New England Patriots like to take on problem-makers, usually older ones. Harvin, only 24, has quite an upside and future under the right guidance. The Atlanta Falcons, now in need of someone in the slot, along with the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins all might be interested. Considering Harvin owns a house in Miami, the Dolphins sound like quite a good option.

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