NFL Rumors – Minnesota Vikings Won’t Trade Percy Harvin

Despite rumors connecting Percy Harvin to about half the teams in the NFL, or at least anyone looking to take on a troubled receiver, people who run the Minnesota Vikings are saying the exact opposite: Harvin isn’t going anywhere, and will be playing for the Vikings in 2013.

Couldn’t be any clearer than the words coming out of the mouth of general manager Rick Spielman: Percy Harvin is under contract and we expect him, just like all of our players under contract, to be here. Again, there is no intent to trade Percy Harvin.

Before you pass judgement, remember – the NFL is a business, and by saying Harvin isn’t going to be traded, it keeps his price and value at a high enough level, partially squashing the rumors suggesting the Vikings are looking to trade the wide receiver before he holds out for a trade during training camp. It also has to do with the fact that the franchise isn’t committing just yet to a longer future with Leslie Frazier.

Despite other rumors, suggesting that Frazier will get an extension for his 10-6 season, some think that looking at his 6-16 start with the team is indicative to the fact that the Vikings aren’t quite sure that one magical season from their running back is enough to reward Frazier with a long term contract. There’s a very good chance that a bad 2013 year means the Vikings will blow up the package at the end of the next season, including letting go of Frazier.

Why is this important? Rumors say that possibly the biggest reason Harvin wants out from Minnesota is his falling out with the head coach. Who is more important to the future of the franchise? While a successful head coach should be the first answer, Frazier needs to prove he is one first. Harvin, despite his behavioral track record, is someone the Vikings want to keep, and by showing they haven’t committed to either side just yet, might be able to keep him from further advancing in his trade demands.

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