NFL Rumors – New Orleans Saints Interested in Ed Reed

After winning a Super Bowl in Louisiana, there’s a chance Ed Reed might choose to end his career in his native state as well. The Baltimore Ravens need to decide if they’re re-signing the All-Pro safety or not, while other teams, including the New Orleans Saints, think of the right offer to attract the 34 year old Safety.

Reed added another interception to the collection by picking off Colin Kaepernick (horrible throw) in the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean the Ravens are going to re-sign him. With plenty of pieces hitting free agency this season (Reed, Kruger, Ellerbe, Boldin, Jones, Flacco), despite all he’s done for the team in the decade-plus he’s been with the team, it might be his time to go. Reed himself acknowledged that playing for Ravens enemy number one, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, sound like a good idea to him.

But playing in New Orleans to end your career? If there’s a team that needs help in its secondary, the Saints are it. Whiel NFC South teams usually don’t sign 30+ players to strengthen their defense, the Saints did pick up Darren Sharper in 2009, helping them win the Super Bowl. Reed isn’t an All-Pro when it comes to consistency anymore, but he has plenty left in the tank after all these years.

The Saints still don’t have a new defensive coordinator, which means they don’t have a new defensive scheme. It doesn’t mean that Reed wouldn’t be a welcomed addition and a nice fit no matter what defense they run under the returning Sean Payton after a year in the Cursed Earth, sent there by Roger Goodell. Reed had four interceptions last season for the Ravens, playing in all 16 games. The Saints ranked last in total defense, giving up 440 yards per game, including 292.6 in the passing game, second-worst in the NFL.

Image: spokesman