NFL Rumors – New York Giants Interested in Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry

It’s been one disappointment after another for Aaron Curry so far in his NFL career, but after being released by the Oakland Raiders, there might be a light at the end of the free agency tunnel in the form of the New York Giants, bringing in the former first round pick in for a visit.

Curry is a linebacker who looked like a can’t-miss player coming out of Wake Forest in 2009, but his production and ability to stay healthy has been quite disappointing. The Seattle Seahawks didn’t have much patience for him, rolling him on to the Oakland Raiders, where he played only twice in 2012.

There has been plenty of criticism on the Giants not improving their situation at linebacker, maybe their weakest spot in their defense which was obviously going in the wrong direction last season. The Giants didn’t select a single linebacker last season, despite a serious need to upgrade the position when it comes to stopping the run.

Is Curry the answer? He hasn’t shown much in his short NFL career so far, but a few teams have been interested in him since the beginning of free agency, although that interest hasn’t turned into visits or offered contracts. At this point, it would be nothing more than simply adding a little bit of depth, which is never the wrong thing to do, when the price is right.

Luckily for the Giants, Curry is probably going to accept any offer given to him. Once the draft is over, veterans who aren’t too picky about their next destination rarely miss an opportunity to finally sign with a team, especially when it’s an organization like the Giants. Knowing that the deal they’ll be offering him will include no or very little guaranteed money, the Giants seem like they would be happy to add Curry to their roster, hoping New York is the place his carer finally takes off.

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