NFL Rumors – New York Giants Interested in Tim Hightower

Tim hightower

Although the New York Giants don’t really seem to have a place on their roster for another running back, they are paying some attention to Tim Hightower, who last played with the Washington Redskins.

The Giants did select Michael Cox in the seventh round of the 2013 NFL Draft, giving them four running backs at the moment, with two of them, David Wilson and Andre Brown, pretty much guaranteed a place in next seasons’s lineup.

But Hightower, despite not really lighting up the NFL fields after four years in the league, can provide a different aspect to the backfield than what both Wilson and Brown have to offer. He didn’t play in 2012, released from the Washington Redskins before the season to make way for the surging Alfred Morris, en route to an incredible rookie season.

He is a very good receiver, and was used quite often in screens and other similar sets when playing for the Arizona Cardinals through his first three seasons in the NFL. Tearing his ACL in 2011 during his first and only season with the Redskins put his career on a different path than it should have been.

Now he’s trying to find his way back into the NFL, hoping that before he turns 27 he’ll get some sort of contract from a team that’s still looking for a back to improve their depth at the position. Hightower might not get a contract right away, despite the visits, but it does get him and the Giants familiarized, giving him a head start in case of an injury or a sudden need to add a player at the position arises during the season.

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