NFL Rumors – New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers & Detroit Lions Interested in Signing Alterraun Verner

Alterraun Verner

After having his best season so far since entering the NFL, Alterraun Verner is going to end up being one of the more expensive cornerbacks in this free agency market. The New York Giants seem to be the most interested team in his services, but the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers are going to make an offer as well.

Verner made his first Pro Bowl last season after a very good season for the Titans, finishing with five interceptions, including one return for a touchdown. He avoided (as he hoped) that the Titans won’t land the franchise tag on him, working out quite well for him.

The Giants might not have too much money to spend in this free agency, but they need to make one or two big signings after such a bad season in 2013. Their secondary, along with their offensive line, is in need of some serious patching up, so Verner might become the Giants’ top choice and biggest signing this offseason, even if his cost might be a bit more than they’re thinking of spending.

Two more teams in need of improving their pass defense are the Steelers and Lions. Secondary has been an issue for the Lions for quite some time, but many see them as coming third in this race only for the fact that it might be more necessary for them to sign a safety, not a cornerback.

As for the Steelers – their way of building doesn’t usually involve making expensive free agency signings, no matter in what position. However, the last couple of seasons which have ended withotu any postseason football might change the minds of those making the decisions, making them a very strong runner in the attempt to sign the 25-year old who played his college ball at UCLA, and is used to less harsh winters than what the East Coast has to offer.

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