NFL Rumors – New York Jets Closer to Releasing Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow 2013

The New York Jets have been holding on to Tim Tebow because they thought they might be able to get another draft pick coming their way by trading him to another team, but there’s 0 interest in the quarterback around the NFL, which makes it quite possible that he’ll be released very soon.

Tebow for now is business as usual. He showed up 15 pounds lighter to the offseason workouts, and some are guessing that the longer he “stays in the building”, the greater the chance of him still staying with the team.

There’s been a lot of noise made about his off-season workouts, trying to improve as a quarterback and specifically as a pocket passer, showing no intention of being happy about a possible position switch into a tight end or H-back. Maybe by looking smaller, the Jets will be forced to give him a chance at quarterback.

For now, the list of QBs on the team consists of David Garrard, Greg McElroy, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Matt Simms and Tim Tebow. Quite crowded, and there doesn’t seem to be a name in there with less of a chance than Tebow to start.

If the Jets do cut Tebow, they’ll be still forced to pay $1.5 million to the Denver Broncos, representing a salary advance given to Tebow in 2011 before he was traded away to the Jets. The Jets are still hoping that someone might pick up the phone and fork over something, anything, for the Heisman trophy winner, but it’s more likely going to end with him being released, and trying to find another team in the NFL.

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