NFL Rumors – New York Jets Closer to Signing Chris Ivory

Chris Ivory TD

It’s weird that such an un-accomplished running back like Chris Ivory would be making so much noise in free agency, but at this stage of the off-season, that’s what’s left, mostly, and the fact that the New York Jets are so devoid of talents make any mediocre prospect seem a bit better than he actually is, even if it’s true the New Orleans Saints would like to get rid of him.

While earlier, as a restricted free agent, Ivory was not in a position to move because that would require the Jets or any other team interested in him forking over a second round draft pick, the Saints signing him on the RFA tender makes it a lot easier for them to shop a running back they’re not interested in keeping, seeing as they have three others they might be more inclined to keep.

Ivory’s yards per carry numbers are pretty good – 5.4 last season, 5.1 for his career, but he has fallen down the Saints’ depth chart over the last couple of season due to injuries. From 716 yards on his rookie season in 12 games, it’s down to 374 yards during his second season and only 217 yards on 40 carries in 2012.

While the Jets need more than a running back with suspect ability to contribute, they don’t have anything better, and they’re not going to pick a running back in the first round of the NFL draft. So What’s the price?

It seems that a fifth round pick is something both sides can live with and feel like they got a good deal for the player/pick, and the Jets can afford to give up a pick after the Darrelle Revis trade, hoping that the medical doesn’t botch it up. Due to the compensation involved, this isn’t something that needs to happen until Day 3 of the draft (which begins Saturday).