NFL Rumors – New York Jets Forcing Darrelle Revis to Attend Voluntary Workouts

Darrelle Revis

If you thought the situation between Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets couldn’t get anymore uncomfortable and awkward  guess again. Despite doing his rehabbing in Arizona, the Jets require Revis to attend their off-season program which begins on April 15, if he wants to pick up that hefty bonus coming his way.

While it seems that both sides don’t really want to be connected anymore, with the Jets shopping around for a trade partner for the last couple of months, not really finding common ground with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Revis would prefer to continue his rehab program with his personal trainer in Arizona, if he wants the $3 million he’s due to get as bonus money for the 2013 season, he’ll need to head over to the Jets’ training camp.

The bonus clause was put into the contract after Revis held out for the second time in three years back in 2010, forcing another renegotiation of his deal. He earned more money off of it, but the clause states that his $3 million bonus, made out of a March 17 roster bonus (which can be paid at a later date), a $1 million bonus for reporting to the beginning of training camp and another $1 million bonus for participating in 80% of the workouts, depends on his presence, even if he is injured at the moment.

While the Jets claim that the most important thing to them is Revis’ healthy, they’re not in the business of throwing away money for nothing, not after the house cleaning they’ve been doing over the last six weeks, pretty much purging the team of every slightly expensive free agent. There are still bad deals they need to suck up with, a disgruntled Revis being one of them if they don’t manage to trade him, but there’s no reason in handing out bonus money for someone who doesn’t want to be on the team.

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