NFL Rumors – New York Jets Interested in Brandon Lloyd

Brandon Lloyd

Despite being quite productive over the last few years, there hasn’t been too much noise around Brandon Lloyd in the last couple of months, although it is likely that the veteran wide receiver will find himself a team before the beginning of the season, and the New York Jets, at the moment, look like the likeliest of destinations.

Lloyd signed a three-year, $12 million deal with the New England Patriots in 2012, finishing the season with 74 catches and 911 yards, a season which was deemed a disappointment by some, although Lloyd was never the primary target for Brady, always looking at Welker and his tight ends before anyone else.

In any case, the Pats wanted to keep Lloyd on only if he’d be willing to take a pay cut, which he obviously wasn’t after a productive season. He’s been out of a job for nearly two months, but in the same division, the talent-void New York Jets might eventually be the ones to provide Lloyd with the answer to his unemployment problems.

The Jets need help in the passing game, and bad. It’s not enough that they’re not to sure about who will be their starting quarterback next season; whoever it’ll be, will have to contend with a situation in which he hardly has any trustworthy option to throw to. The Jets didn’t add a single wide receiver in the draft, putting Jeremy Kerley as the top receiver staying from last season (827 yards in 2012), although a healthy Santonio Holmes can be quite productive.

Lloyd will be an upgrade in any case, and although the Jets’ plans is growing via the draft and young players, trying to limit their spending on veterans to a minimum, there’s a thin line between rebuilding and looking completely embarrassing on the field. Improving their wide receivers core seems like a must at this point, giving struggling or young quarterbacks any help they can get. Lloyd isn’t a sure number one wideout anymore, but he’s better than anything else the Jets have at this point.

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