NFL Rumors – New York Jets Interested in Signing Michael Vick

Michael Vick

We’re going to be hearing a lot of rumors when it comes to the New York Jets and their interest in veteran quarterbacks in free agency, trying to get a suitable player to serve as a backup and potential starter, with Geno Smith not being the most trustworthy of players.

Rex Ryan and the Jets plan that Geno Smith, who threw for only 12 touchdowns and 21 interceptions in the Jets’ 8-8 season in 2013, will be the one who starts when the 2014 rolls around. But planning on doing better, which means making the playoffs, without having someone who can back Smith up and be an option of stepping up for him should he regress in his second season doesn’t sound like a smart idea.

So the name of Josh McCown who did very well for the Chicago Bears last season has been bounced around. Another name now mentioned with the Jets is Michael Vick, coming off a disappointing year with the Philadelphia Eagles, in which he lost his starting place because of more than just injuries: Nick Foles simply became the better quarterback, or at least the better one when it comes to working in Chip Kelly’s system.

Vick started in six games, playing in a total of 7, finishing with a 54.6% completion rating (the lowest for him since 2009, in which he barely played), throwing five touchdowns and three interceptions, finishing with a passer rating of 86.5, his highest since the 2010 season. He also averaged a career high 8.5 yards per carry, rushing for 306 yards on only 36 carries.

Vick can still play in the NFL and for teams not looking to succeed or make the playoffs, Vick can be a suitable name to fill in the quarterback position for a transition period until they find a franchise quarterback.

That’s exactly why the Jets are a good fit for him, although Vick might hold out to see if there’s a better chance of playing and starting somewhere else. Geno Smith is the starter, but he’s not embedded into the position, and there’s a good shot of getting some playing time if the fear of Smith not improving from his rookie season turns out to be true.

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