NFL Rumors – New York Jets Looking to Trade Tim Tebow

No one really knows what to do with Tim Tebow, on and off the field. The New York Jets do know, however, that they won’t be releasing the player which was hardly used this season, certainly not as a quarterback, instead looking for someone to accept a trade for him.

For long it was believed that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be a team willing to get Tebow, partially because of his appeal in Florida and his hometown, thinking more about money than what Tebow can do on the field. Remember, Tebow was hardly used as a quarterback with the Jets, and there have been talks about converting him into an H-Back, some hybrid between running back and tight end, although no one is really sure if he has good enough arms for the role.

The Jags, taking on a new GM, David Cladwell, who has said there is pretty much no chance the Jaguars will be picking up Tebow’s contract, via trade or free agency.

I can’t imagine a scenario in which he’ll be a Jacksonville Jaguar, even if he’s released. Can’t be any clearer than that.

So what do the Jets do with a quarterback that is probably worth a lot when it comes to attendance and interest in a team dying for some, but has a 47.9% completion percentage, not to mention the immediate turmoil he brings to a franchise the moment he steps up to be the backup QB. No one really gave him a chance with the Jets, and despite leading the Broncos to the playoffs as a starter, no one is really willing to give him another shot at the position he excelled in, under the right kind of system, when playing for Urban Meyer in college.

The Jets can’t trade Tebow before March 12, and it seems very unlikely that they’d be able to get even a late draft pick for a player that the team seemed to have no use for in 2012. At training camp, the Jets will try and convert Tebow into a fullback, H-back or wide receiver, hoping that succeeding in that attempt might get some attention and interest from other teams.