NFL Rumors – New York Jets Might Sign Matt Moore

The quarterback situation the New York Jets currently have is simply a mess. Mark Sanchez gets worse with every passing season, Greg McElroy isn’t filling the organization with confidence and Tim Tebow might not throw another pass in his NFL career. Limited cap space might mean they’ll have to look into Matt Moore.

A backup quarterback for most of his career thus far, Moore did a decent job in the 2011 season, starting 12 times for the Dolphins, posting a 6-6 record while completing 60.5% of his passes, throwing for 2497 yards, 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Despite his success, Moore was once again pushed down the depth chart to make room for rookie Ryan Tannehill, who the Dolphins are still putting their faith in. Moore, who wants a chance to compete for a starting spot in the NFL, might get it with the Jets.

He’s not as hyped as Alex Smith and Matt Flynn, but unlike Flynn, Moore has shown he can hold his own for more than one garbage time NFL game. He hasn’t really created magic with his hands, but he’s a solid quarterback to have, especially when your current situation is terrible.

Another thing Moore brings is a low price. The Jets have a terrible cap situation, pretty much crippling them from making moves at desirable, expensive free agent targetsץ Alex Smith or Matt Flynn, both probably available via trade, are simply too expensive for a team with a need for improvement in almost every position, but without the wiggling room to make too many of that realistic. Moore is a much cheaper option than the previous two names, and should provide some worthy competition for Sanchez, unless Rex Ryan is still to stubborn to give up on his very expensive yet mistake-prone QB.

Moore has been in the NFL since 2007, last season spending the entire year with the Dolphins behind Tannehill, playing in 10 games, completing 11-19 passes for one touchdown.

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