NFL Rumors – New York Jets Undecided About Kevin Kolb

While Kevin Kolb was still a member of the Arizona Cardinals, he was intriguing to the New York Jets. Now that he’s a free agent, no longer on a contract that made everyone afraid to touch him, he becomes quite an intriguing possibility for a team that isn’t short in their need for a quality quarterback.

Kolb played only two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, managing only 14 starts; injuries and protection issues, which pretty much go hand in hand if you think about it carefully. Last season, which started so well for the Cardinals (4-0 start, 5-11 finishing record) ended up being a huge bust, mostly due to the fact that their offensive line couldn’t keep their quarterbacks upright (led the NFL in sacks allowed) while featured no holes for a running game to be created. Despite having a 3-2 record as a starter, 2012 wasn’t a year Kolb would like to remember.

Things aren’t that better for the Jets, but they’re not a Swiss cheese kind of D, just easily allowing people to hit Mark Sanchez or whoever it was calling the shots for the Jets last season. If Kolb does arrive, there’s a good chance that he immediately becomes the favorite to take over the QB position, ahead of Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, David Garrard and Tim Tebow, whose fate with the team and in the NFL in general is still up in the air.

Another reason to keep pushing the Kolb – Jets connection is Marty Mornhinweg, who was the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles while Kolb was still playing for the team, and it’s assumed he will be pushing for the Jets to try and sign the six year veteran.