NFL Rumors – New York Jets Want to Trade for Chris Ivory

Chris Ivory Touchdown

While the New York Jets are interested in Chris Ivory, the fact that he’s a restricted free agent means he’ll cost them more than just the contract they’ll give him; they’ll have to give up a second round draft pick in favor of the New Orleans Saints, and most people on the Jets and beyond would agree Ivory just isn’t worth that high of a selection.

Ivory, a restricted free agent, ran for only 217 yards last season, falling down the depth chart of the Saints behind Ingram, Sproles and Pierre Thomas. He’s tagged to a tender worth $2.023 million next season if no one makes an offer for him, but the Saints would like to get something from a departing Ivory rather than see him walk for nothing after the 2013 season.

So the Jets need a running back next to Mike Goodson, who isn’t exactly someone with the potential to put up over 1000 yards next season on his own, and they’re interested in Ivory. How badly? There’s a chance they’ll simply offer a much lower pick for the player, hoping the Saints bite.

In all likelihood, the Saints, who are going to get rid of one of their running backs (rumor has it it’s Thomas) would settle for a fifth, sixth or seventh round pick as well for someone like Ivory who did show potential during his rookie season, with 716 yards on 137 carries, but injuries have blocked his way from moving back up the depth chart.

The most important thing? Ivory isn’t that crucial to their offensive plans, which are still mostly based on the mind of Sean Payton and the arm of Drew Brees. If they can get something for Ivory instead of losing him for nothing next season, they’d probably take anything offered to them.

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