NFL Rumors – No One Wants Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Jets

It came as no surprise, after months of speculations, that Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets. It isn’t much of a surprise either to see that no one around the NFL wants to give him a chance to play quarterback for them.

Once the Jacksonville Jaguars, his hometown team, were thought to be in contention for Tebow. But before Tebow was traded to New York, he was given the option of choosing his next team, and he took the chance on the Jets, which might have destroyed his career. It’s bad enough winning a playoff game and being traded soon after, but it seems that despite his winning record with the Broncos, no one wants to give Tebow credit for that turnaround in 2011.

Not just his ability, but his presence, being a distraction, is something most teams want to avoid. Despite having only 14 career starts (going 8-6), Tebow attracts a lot more media attention than anyone with his resume should, keeping teams at bay when considering the thought of signing him.

Some said he might be visiting the New Orleans Saints. Other suggested the San Diego Chargers, thinking the connection with Mike McCoy, the former offensive coordinator for the Broncos, including Tebow’s tenure with the team, might help smooth a transaction. For now, no one is willing to bite.

While Tebow has insisted he wants to get an NFL job, there are other options on the table, although not too lucrative for someone of his expectations. The owner of the Orlando Predators of the AFL has expressed interest, and there’s also the CFL. The Montreal Alouettes hold his rights in Canada, but their GM, Jim Popp, has said that Tebow can compete for a backup spot, nothing more, which means he’ll be in the same situation he was with the Jets, only in much less followed league.

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