NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Are Trent Richardson’s Last Chance

Trent Richardson

Except for a solid rookie season, Trent Richardson has been one huge disappointment in the NFL. Signing a two year deal with the Oakland Raiders, this might be his last chance to earn his place for years to come in this league.

His almost two full seasons with the Indianapolis Colts make Richardson seem washed up before he even starts his fourth NFL season. After rushing for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns during his rookie season with the Browns and even catching 51 passes while Brandon Weeden was stinking up the place, his time with the Colts, who traded a first round pick for him, has been awful.

Richardson had just 977 yards on 316 carries (3.1 per game) In his 29 games with Indianapolis. Last season the Colts didn’t even call him up for the playoff games, suspending him because Richardson missed walkthrough for what he described as a family emergency. Maybe it was just an excuse, like saying Rajon Rondo is injured while pulling him from the rest of the postseason by the Dallas Mavericks.

Richardson is strong, but he has shown very little vision or an ability to avoid tackles. As if something in his instincts that worked so well for him in Alabama (who had an NFL-like offensive line during his college years) didn’t cross over when he made the transition from college to the pros.

Richardson, a third overall pick in 2012, isn’t going to play behind a fearsome run-blocking offensive line, or at least it wasn’t last season. Despite the not-too-perfect conditions, failing this time will probably mean that he won’t be in the NFL ever again.