NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders & San Francisco 49ers Interested in Signing Michael Vick


He might not be one of the best players in free agency, but Michael Vick is definitely one of the biggest names available. There’s plenty of interest in him, mostly as a backup quarterback, with the an Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Houston Texans all showing interest in him, although the Philadelphia Eagles might eventually re-sign him.

We mentioned yesterday that Vick might be a good fit for the New York Jets, but according to Jason La Canfora, the Jets won’t be able to pay Vick the money he wants, as he isn’t looking for that minimum veteran’s deal just yet, especially coming off a year with $7.5 million paid to him.

There’s always the option of the Eagles re-signing him. Vick is considered to be a positive influence in the locker room, and you could do a lot worse than him as a backup to Nick Foles, who won the starting position in Philly outright last year. What does this mean for Matt Barkley? Even if he has a future as a starter in the NFL, it’s still pretty far away.

The Oakland Raiders, out of the teams mentioned, seem like a great place for Vick if his goal is to be a starter as quick as possible instead of playing for a winning team, or one that can offer him decent protection. The same goes for the Vikings and Texans, as they’re looking into the draft but free agency as well in hope of finding a quarterback that can turn things around for them.

Vick started in six games, playing in a total of 7, finishing with a 54.6% completion rating (the lowest for him since 2009, in which he barely played), throwing five touchdowns and three interceptions, finishing with a passer rating of 86.5, his highest since the 2010 season. He also averaged a career high 8.5 yards per carry, rushing for 306 yards on only 36 carries.

The 49ers, among those interested in him, offer the smallest chance of Vick getting a start. If winning and being part of a team that has aspirations for the playoffs and maybe more, than the 49ers or staying in Philadelphia, where Vick’s familiarity with Kelly’s system is a big plus, are the best options for him.

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