NFL Rumors – Oakland Rairders Considering Starting Tyler Wilson

Rookie minicamps can be confusing, making players looking better than they might be against a full roster by playing against guys who might be cut from the team pretty soon. It doesn’t change the fact that the Oakland Raiders are impressed from what they’re seeing in Tyler Wilson, already considering him for the starting quarterback position once the preseason is over.

At the moment, it’s Matt Flynn’s position to lose. The former LSU star has hardly gotten chances to show his skills in the NFL, but on the few occasions he has gotten a start or more than a couple of snaps, he’s been quite impressive, warranting a big contract from the Seattle Seahawks last season.

Tyler Wilson

Only Flynn, entering preseason as the favorite to win the starting role, came out behind Russell Wilson in the depth chart, and now, despite it being quite too soon to tell, might be falling behind in the popularity contest to another quarterback named Wilson.

There’s also Terrelle Pryor to consider, but he still hasn’t had a chance to impress in training. The Raiders job is quite open to all at the moment, after getting rid of the expensive Carson Palmer and adding Matt Flynn into the mix. Flynn has the most playing experience of the three players in the mix for the spot, but in truth, none of them have done much in the NFL to warrant any early confidence.

Despite being a fourth round pick, Wilson is in an excellent position to get a starting position right out of training camp, if he continues to throw and play like he has in the earliest stages of the 2013 preparations. His throwing ability and confidence seem to be exactly what the Raiders are looking for. All he needs to to is keep it up once the tougher defense players start showing up for practice.

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