NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Are Thinking Only About Michael Vick as Their Starting Quarterback

The moment Chip Kelly was announced as the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, his offense has been most of the talk regarding the news season. How will it fit, how will it change in the pro game, and who will be the quarterback to lead it. Despite some nice early impressions from both Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, there’s not a chance a healthy Michael Vick isn’t the designated starter.

The best and biggest sign? Vick is being paid more than all other quarterbacks on the team combined, which is always a good way to realize in which direction the wind is blowing. The other is Vicks’ style. There’s a lot of read option in Kelly’s system, which usually means a quarterback who can run. Vick might not be the best at that anymore, but he’s certainly an excellent quarterback when it comes to rushing and extending plays outside the pocket.

Michael Vick

However, there are things about Vick’s personality and work ethic that might turn into a problem. The man doesn’t love to watch film, and isn’t the most consistent of passers over the last couple of years. Yes, being able to put doubts into the minds of a defense comes with having a quarterback who can get first downs with his own legs, but one of the reasons Robert Griffin III and Colin Kepernick were so good last season was also in their accuracy and throwing ability. Vick, possibly due to a crumbling offensive line, hasn’t had that kind of consistency since getting the huge deal from the Eagles.

While not everything from Kelly’s offense will probably be incorporated into the pro-scheme, one of the major factors it won’t work without is speed. Kelly’s offense is about running 80 to 85 plays per game, which is something that will mean Vick, not exactly an expert in making quick reads, is going to excel at early on or even at all. Matt Barkley can do that job quite well also, and he isn’t so un-mobile as some attribute to him, but it’s hard seeing Vick giving up the starting job at this point.