NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Offense Easier for Carson Wentz Than Sam Bradford

Bradford Wentz

News trickling out of training camp means very little at this point, but it’s not that surprising to hear that Carson Wentz is doing better than Sam Bradford when it comes to understanding the Philadelphia Eagles new offense.

Wentz is a rookie, and from what’s been mentioned, is likely to sit behind Bradford during his first season in his NFL. Young guys coming into the league usually don’t have an easy time picking up the ins and outs of a new offense, unless they’re forced into it like many rookie quarterbacks. However, despite Bradford’s experience, the word out of Philadelphia is that Wentz is having an easier time with what Doug Pederson has drawn up.

The one player who is probably more far ahead than the two of them is Chase Daniel, who has been a backup for the Kansas City Chiefs over the last three years, signing a surprising three-year, $21 million contract with the Eagles. Pederson was his offensive coordinator at the time before taking the Eagles head coaching job.

Bradford is still more likely to be the starter. The Eagles might not have the perfect quarterback situation, but Bradford is a good enough starter with possibly the best backup QB in the NFL, giving Wentz some time to learn the ins and outs of the offense and of the NFL in general.

Remember, Wentz isn’t a regular rookie. Some people like to say that the NFL and College Football aren’t just different leagues; they’re two different sports. Wentz played for an FCS team, and as smart and talented as he may be, the learning curve just might be a bit too steep to overcome, which is why having two veterans in front of him isn’t such a bad idea, despite the eyebrows raised by many regarding how the Eagles offseason went.

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