NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Giving Matt Barkley One Last Chance

Matt Barkley

There’s no real mystery about Matt Barkley starting the final game of the preseason for the Philadelphia Eagles: If he plays well, he probably stays on the team for the regular season. If he doesn’t, it’s time to move on.

Barkley is battling for the third and final quarterback spot with Tim Tebow. Sam Bradford, acquired this season via trade, is the designated starter. Mark Sanchez is the backup. Barkley has been the #3 guy for the last couple of seasons. The arrival of Tebow through free agency and his ability to offer something different with his unique playing style puts Barkley’s spot in jeopardy.

Maybe there’s nothing to worry about and the Eagles keep four quarterbacks? Highly unlikely, even if Tebow has the capabilities to be listed in a different position. Tebow wants to be a quarterback in the NFL, not some full back, half back, tight end or any other creative invention. He’s kept himself available for this kind of offer, even if it doesn’t mean playing a whole lot during the season.

In two seasons with the Eagles, Barkley has four games and 50 pass attempts to show for. Even if he doesn’t stick around, it’s not going to mean he’s getting any time on the field. From what we saw so far in preseason from the Eagles fans, it’s quite clear they prefer Tebow to the former USC quarterback.

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