NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Closer to Keeping Tim Tebow for the Season

Tim Tebow

About seven weeks ago, we made a post about the Philadelphia Eagles probably releasing Tim Tebow by the time the preseason begins. How wrong we were, as their trade, sending Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals, probably opens up the third quarterback spot for Tebow to take.

And by the way the two players performed in preseason and especially the final game which was the final audition for the both of them to play behind Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford, the designated starter, it’s not surprising to see Tebow getting the nod over Barkley, who hasn’t done anything to impress Chip Kelly since being drafted in 2013.

For Tebow, who is still anxiously waiting the final cuts to know if he’ll be on the final roster or not, it’s a chance to be part of an NFL team during the regular season for the first time since 2012, his awful season with the New York Jets, in which he was a backup to Mark Sanchez but used in weird and different roles by Rex Ryan, who never wanted Tebow on the team anyway.

It’ll be a surprise if Tebow gets to start or even play next season, but you never know in this league. After getting cut by the New England Patriots before the season began in 2013, it seemed as if Tebow wasn’t going to be part of the NFL ever again. But he worked on his flaws, and here he is, on the verge of making a sort of comeback, a successful one. We were wrong about him, it seems.

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