NFL Rumors – Pittsburgh Steelers & Green Bay Packers Interested in Ahmad Bradshaw

It’s weird to think of the Pittsburgh Steelers as a team that is in great need for a running back, but things have changed, and the focus of their offense has shifted. Same goes for the Green Bay Packers, still looking for someone to complement Aaron Rodgers on the ground, and Ahmad Bradshaw, released from the New York Giants recently, might be the answer.

Bradshaw is a two time Super Bowl champion, but the injuries that have caused him to miss six games over the last couple of years, plus the development of Andre Brown and David Wilson gave the Giants the trigger to release him after running for 1015 yards and scoring 6 touchdowns in 2012.

Both the Steelers (26th in the NFL) and the Green Bay Packers (20th in the league) had a lot of problems in their running games last season, and are currently in a situation in which they have no premier or even remotely close to that back they can rely upon heading into next season. While this has been the situation for Green Bay for quite some time, being completely reliant on Aaron Rodgers and his passing ability, this is something new for the Steelers, who have been traditionally a run-first team, shifting towards more focus on Ben Roethilsberger in recent season; his injuries being the reason (because of a leaky offensive line) they haven’t done as expected in the last couple of seasons.

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