NFL Rumors – Pittsburgh Steelers Want to Draft Tyler Eifert or Zach Ertz

Tyler Eifert

At the moment, any team with a need a tight end is looking at both Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz to be their first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers, concerned about the recovery of Heath Miller and not too sure about other players they have at the position, are one of those teams taking a very close look at the two players.

At the moment, the Chicago Bears, with the 20th pick, are favorites among most mock drafts to take Eifert, coming out of Notre Dame. The Bears pick four spots behind the Steelers, but many think that despite the addition of Martell Webster through free agency, they still might try and trade up to get Eifert.

The Steelers have similar needs to the Bears, with solidifying the outside linebacker position just as important as getting another receiving option for Ben Roethilsberger, with Heath Miller, despite enjoying his best season in 2012 with 71 catches and 816 yards, coming off an injury that some think puts him in doubt to start the 2013 season.

There are inside options for the Steelers to go on, but they’re not that trustworthy. David Johnson tore his ACL in the 2012 preseason, ruining the Steelers’ plans to move him from tight end to fullback. Now that he’s healthy again, Johnson is talking about feeling primed and ready to become the team’s number one tight end, but it’s quite obvious that Pittsburgh aren’t too sure about Johnson being their number one option at the position.

Maybe they’ll surprise and make a grab for Eifert or Ertz. Eifert is a definite first round pick, with several teams looking at him to be their first choice in the draft. Ertz has a chance of falling a little bit lower, although it wouldn’t be surprising to see both of them being picked in the first round. The Steelers are hoping that if they do pick a linebacker with their first (Ogletree?), Ertz goes unnoticed for nearly half a round before they take him with their second pick. Trading up for him isn’t out of the question as well.