NFL Rumors – San Diego Chargers Might Bring Back Quentin Jammer

There are many surprised people to see Quentin Jammer still on the free agency market instead of getting ready for a season with a team. The San Diego Chargers haven’t renewed his contract, and for now, have made no public intention heard about their desire to bring him back, although considering their situation, they have to be thinking it somewhere in the back of their minds.

Jammer himself? He’d love to come back, but he’s also realistic. I’d love to come back. I’ve had conversations with them. I totally understood the direction they were going in. They said the door wasn’t completely closed. Hopefully, maybe down the road a little bit, the Chargers will offer me something. Despite all that, my expectation is to be elsewhere next season.

Quentin Jammer Chargers

So what is preventing Jammer from returning? He has played quite well for the Chargers since being drafted in 2002. He is no longer at his peak performance wise, but he did finish with 3 interceptions last season, and despite the age of 34 (in a month) is still able to start for plenty of teams in the NFL.

Well, San Diego did take a cornerback in the draft, and have a few young players they’d like to see in training camp action first before making a decision on who to return and who to keep. They have added veteran corner Derrick Cox, which might tell you one thing – if Jammer is to return to the team, it might not be as a cornerback.

Many players have made the switch before: An aging cornerback like Ronde Barber or Charles Woodson can do quite well in a position where it’s more about awareness than being able to keep up with speedy receivers. Jammer has been in contact with the Redskins, but nothing has developed in that aspect just yet. He too is waiting to see what the Chargers will do in a couple of weeks, hoping they do call him to come back instead of going to play somewhere else.

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