NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Closer to Darrelle Revis

Some changes in the background are pushing towards the San Francisco 49ers possibly being a little more urgent in their proceedings to try and find a trade that can get Darrelle Revis away from the New York Jets.

After losing Dashon Goldson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two interesting developments happen – the 49ers secondary, already with a need to get a bit more physical and stronger after their problems with big wide receivers in the playoffs came to light, not to mention the improvements we saw from the Seattle Seahawks up to this point, including the addition of Percy Harvin.

This might mean the Bucs aren’t as desperate as before to trade for Revis, not to mention the rumors circulation from Florida about Tampa not wanting to give up a first round pick in order to get Revis, who no one quite knows how good he’ll be once he recovers from his ACL tear, after being regarded as the NFL’s best corner, hands down, before the injury struck him early in the 2012 season.

The 49ers have plenty of draft picks to give up – two in the second round, two in the third round, 13 altogether after using one to get Anquan Boldin away from the Baltimore Ravens. There aren’t a whole lot of quality corners in the free agent market to go after, nor are there in the draft, at least in the position the 49ers are at. Going for Revis might be risky because of the contract he demands and will get eventually anywhere he goes, but every day of stalling brings him closer to Tampa Bay.

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